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Over the past few years, our work has continually led us back to the question of how to make farming a viable and attractive option for new entrants. Click below to find a compilation of submissions, recommendations, ‘Messages’ from the Youth president and event summaries.

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Community Vision

Thriving family farms to sustainable rural development, support their communities and steward their land while providing good jobs and healthy food for the people of New Brunswick

Guiding Principles


Farmers should receive fair prices for the food they produce ensuring the vitality and sustainability of the family farm.

Food sovereignty

New Brunswick residents have a right to control their own healthy and culturally appropriate food produced through ecologically sound and sustainable methods within their own agricultural system.


Our anglophone and francophone members have equal right to engage with the NFU-NB in their own language.

Advocacy and activism

We use traditional means of advocacy and  direct public action to bring about policy change.


Agriculture should have a positive role in building healthy soil, regenerating eco-systems and fighting climate change.

Sell More Product Locally to Meet Demand
Support the Maintenance and Development of Social & Agricultural Rural Infrastructure
Recognize and Support Women Farmers
Promote Environmental Sustainability

Strategic Priorities

The key priority areas and goals are outlined. Please check back as updates will be posted in each area as we move forward.

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Every Year has it's challenges

Here are some of our Highlights

We’ve been busy putting your hard-earned membership dollars to work – advocating for sustainable policy change, creating space for farmer-to-farmer learning, and communicating on important farm issues with members and the media.