NFU-NB Board of Directors

NFU-NB Board members were elected in April 2021 at the AGM, all positions are for a one-year term.


President Eva Rehak

With more than 20 years of experience in ecological agriculture in Canada and internationally, Eva and her husband Alain, founded Alva Farm in 2010 in Saint-Maurice, New Brunswick. Eva’s goal is to provide high quality fruits and vegetables and fruits to the people of southeastern New Brunswick while leaving a minimal ecological footprint on the planet.

Ferme Alva Farm, Saint-Maurice, Kent County NB.
(506) 744-1986

Women’s President & Secretary Claire May

Having grown up in Fredericton, Claire has a long-standing love for the city, and a deep commitment to New Brunswick’s prosperity and future. After achieving her diploma in Equine Business Management at Olds College, Claire was an integral part of the Real Food Connections (RFC) team between 2012 and 2016. She has first-hand experience on the front lines of independent small business, and in-depth knowledge of food sovereignty initiatives and issues in New Brunswick. Claire has been involved with the Hayes Urban Teaching Farm project since 2016, which will be launching the pilot of its Regenerative Farming Certificate program in Fredericton this spring. Claire loves to grow, make, and share food, and has an avid interest in permaculture and bee-keeping practices.

Hayes Urban Teaching Farm, York County, NB

Youth President Alec Maillet-Haydock

Bio Coming Soon

Richibucto-Village, NB

Treasurer Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson

Farmer at La Terre Partagée in Rogersville.  Feminist, environmentalist and concerned about food sovereignty.  Graduate of St. Thomas University.

La Ferme Terre Partagée, Rogersville, Northumberland County, NB

Directors at large

Pierre-Olivier Brassard

Peasant and founding member of the cooperative farm “Terre partagée” (Share Land) in Rogersville, he is the North-American Region Young People’s Coordinator for Via Campesina, and also member of the North-American Region’ Political Committee. His modus operandi, working on an agricultural model that promotes peasant agroecology, food sovereignty, agriculture’s social responsibility, and especially protecting food as a common good and not a commodity exchanged for cash.

La Ferme Terre Partagée, Rogersville, Northumberland County, NB

Bernadette Goguen

Bio Coming Soon

Cocagne, NB

Aaron Shantz

Aaron and his wife Shelley are food security activists from Saint Marie de Kent NB. They have been raising their family of four on a once abandoned homestead that they moved to from BC 10 years ago. They operate l’Hirondelle Farm, a small poultry and vegetable farm, Shelley who is the principal farm operator; he manages the woodlot and works on projects related to community development around food sovereignty & social justice. For fun he manages their woodlot and goes exploring with his boys Griffen and Clem. His love for good food and working the land sums up his belief that everyone deserves to have access to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.  This is difficult for many in our present society – Aaron and his family are working to be part of the movement that addresses this challenge!

Sainte-Marie-de-Kent, NB

NB Representation at the National Level

(NB – Region 1, District 2)

Currently unfilled

International Programs Committee

Currently unfilled