A series celebrating the diverse farm membership of the NFU-NB

If you are an NFU-NB farm member and you would like to share your story, please contact Suzanne info@nfunb.org.

Meet Riley

Hi, I’m Riley.  My wife Chantal and I are new entrants.  We started with a small flock of sheep in 2010 just outside of Fredericton and quickly outgrew our space.  In 2015 we moved to Summerfield to expand our...

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Meet Barb

Hello, I’m Barb.  Raised in the city, I became a farmer when I married into a farm family. My husband, Victor, and I raised three children while running a small dairy farm in Juniper, in western NB.  With the support of family and industry representatives, we have...

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Meet Eva

Hello, I’m Eva. I own and operate a farm in Saint-Maurice, with my partner and three children.  We are going into our 9th year of CSAs and farmers markets.  We were both new to farming and moved to a...

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Meet Stephanie

Hello, I’m Stephanie.  My husband and I have farmed in Head of Millstream for over 40 years, first in dairy, then raising dairy heifers, and finally into raising grass fed beef.  I’ve been a strong believer in promoting local...

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Meet Ted

Hi, I’m Ted, I have been farming in New Brunswick for over 30 years.  Over the years, my farm in Harvey has provided many different bounties from certified organic vegetables, greens, and garlic, to sheep and beef.  As my...

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