Meet Megan

Meet Megan



I’m Megan. I am a forest ecologist, a researcher, a fibre artist and a farmer. I farm on a mixed family farm/homestead with my partner, in Anagance, NB. With my sister and parents on nearby farms we all together grow most of our own food. My partner and I have a bit of everything on our farm – ducks, pigs, bees, vegetables, and even cashmere goats (which I use for wool for spinning and knitting). Our farm is small and ecologically diverse. We find a lot of meaning and connection by providing for ourselves, our family, our local community and building that ongoing relationship with the land.


I also work with Community Forests International (CFI) as the forest program director to safeguard old forests, restore new forests, and integrate carbon storage and climate change resilience into regional forest management practices. Through my role with CFI, I work with partners locally and internationally to help protect and restore forests in the Maritimes. Ultimately, our work helps communities adapt to climate change, build economic prosperity, and champion social equality. My work centers not only forests but also climate justice in understanding that by acting with justice people will be the restorative force that the world needs. 


I recognize the intersectionality between forests, farms, soil health, community wellbeing and how they work together towards climate justice. When it comes to climate justice, there is so much that can be done and I know we cannot do that work on our own. That’s why I continue to farm in collaboration, to work for CFI and be a member of the National Farmers Union. I am driven to work towards a sustainable and just future by continuing to farm, and in helping uplift environmental projects and organizations to increase capacity so that we can all work together, with a diverse approach, bit by bit, from the ground up, in striving for a systems change that is less extractive but rather more restorative, reciprocal and gentle.

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I believe in the NFU’s mission and feel connected to the NFU culture, to what they stand for and how they advocate for these larger systems-level changes. I feel encouraged by the NFU’s work, and am proud to say I’m a member! 

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