Elections 2015 – Eat Think Vote Campaign

Elections 2015 – Eat Think Vote Campaign




This campaign by Food Secure Canada is calling on all parties and all candidates to engage in conversation and action for a national food policy.




You can:

The campaign wants to see food policy included in debates and party platforms with the goal to create zero hunger across the country.  NFU Youth President Alex Fletcher and Youth Vice-President Ayla Fenton worked with FSC to develop their policy recommendations for one of four pillars: Support for new farmers. 

The recommendations go well beyond new farmers and are strong for the entire industry.  Some of them include: programs to help new farmers access land along with legislation that prohibits foreign ownership of land, more extension and consultation services for existing farmers, new low interest loans and grants to assist new farmers in getting started.

Read the whole document here or contact Amanda at (506) 260-0087 for more information.

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