Gregory Heming – Talk in the Village of Gagetown

Gregory Heming – Talk in the Village of Gagetown

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Join Gregory Heming, a municipal councillor in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia and president of the Centre for Local Prosperity in the Village of Gagetown area on Friday evening, February 20th for a talk and discussion on the future of rural Canada.

Gregory is back by popular demand after his presentation for the National Farmers’ Union (NB) in the village last year.

What’s the issue?   

Maritime Canada’s business communities, local families, and local municipal governments are under tremendous stress at the opening of the 21st century. At the core of this is the systemic problem inherent in our current economic model. The myth of unlimited growth, the false hope of globalization, and our reliance on nonrenewable resources threaten local farms, local food production, local governance, and the health and future of rural families.

How can we address it? 

Reconnecting with our local cultural heritage, restoring our landscape and our farmland, and reengaging our families are all important in creating the shift necessary to bring about locally prosperous communities.

More info:

For a glimpse of the kinds of things Gregory is working on, take a look at these sites:

News: Annapolis conference planned for 2015 aims to revive rural economies. The Annapolis County Spectator

 Please stay tuned! Further details on location and time will follow soon. 

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