Provincial agricultural organization supports the Idle No More movement

Provincial agricultural organization supports the Idle No More movement

Provincial agricultural organization supports the

Idle No More movement


For immediate release:

The National Farmers Union in NB supports the Idle No More movement and New Brunswick’s aboriginal people in their struggle for environmental and social justice

In the last month and a half, members of the National Farmers Union in NB have been inspired by the courage of First Nations people in our province and across the country as they stand united against the oppressive Bill C-45 and the continued threat to Aboriginal treaties and rights. Through road and rail blockades, rallies, flash mobs, ceremonies, fasts, and hunger strikes, those involved in Idle No More have shown determination, strength, and an unrelenting willingness to stand against a government that continues its colonial rule over an entire people.

The sheer sacrifice that individuals like Chief Theresa Spence are willing to make for what they feel is right and necessary inspires our members to continue our fight for a better, more just food system. We will continue working to ensure that family farmers make a decent wage, and that eaters can affordably benefit from our province’s agricultural bounty and truly understand where and how their food is grown.

The National Farmers Union in NB acknowledges that Idle No More is not solely a First Nations’ struggle, but one that seeks to protect our most precious resources: our water, earth, air, and people.  As farmers we cannot work, grow, and produce without the assuredness that our government will act as protector of our land and water. Many of our members are developing farming practices that are more sustainable and better connected to the natural world.  We are truly grateful for the leadership that First Nations people – the first farmers, fisher people, and hunters of this land – have taken in the public cry for environmental and social justice. We will continue to join forces with aboriginal people in their opposition to shale gas and we look forward to working in solidarity in the future.  We call upon all New Brunswickers to learn more about Idle No More, the fight against Bill C-45, and the vision of a country where our forests, waters, land, and people live and produce in harmony.


Jean-Eudes Chiasson, NFU in NB President (506) 775-6033

Rebeka Frazer-Chiasson, NFU in NB Youth Representative (506) 424-1702


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