Provincial Campaign Local Food, Local Farms

Provincial Campaign Local Food, Local Farms

Provincial Campaign Local Food, Local Farms

In the Spring of 2012, NFU in NB launched a campaign to promote buying products grown and produced in New Brunswick.  On April 18, 2012 a group of farmers and local food advocates gathered in Fredericton at the Provincial Legislature, to launch the campaign.

The health of the farm and the health of the population, are the cornerstones of this campaign.  Citizens of New Brunswick deserve to have access to safe, quality food, grown and produced in the province.  Members of the Union drew attention to this by planting a variety of apple tree developed by F.P Sharp in Upper Woodstock over a century ago. (Within 24 hours, the tree was removed from legislative grounds.)

NFU farm members feel strongly that there is a need for farmer and citizen groups to demand clear labelling system.  Providing access to quality, local, healthy food in schools, hospitals, and grocery stores, not only benefits the local producer, but the consumer as well.  For more information about the campaign, read April 2012 Local Food Campaign Media Release and April 2012 Little Apple Tree – Editorial.

In December 2012, we launched the NB Food Label Survey to better understand the needs of local producers in relation to local food promotion. For more information, click here.

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