Two NFU Board members recognized for leadership

Two NFU Board members recognized for leadership

The National Farmers Union in New Brunswick is honoured to announce that two of its board members have been recognized as leaders through 21inc in 2014 – 2015. Rébeka Fraser-Chiasson and Emily Shapiro participated last week in a province wide tour with the other 19 recognized leaders from New Brunswick.

Rébeka Fraser-Chiasson currently owns and manages her farm La Ferme Terre Partagée in Rogersville. She sits on the board of the National Farmers Union in New Brunswick as well as the Conservation Council of New Brunswick. Rébeka says that “it’s a tribute to the local food and local farms movement that 21inc felt that it was important to value rural life and farms. Our fellow participants value the different perpective we can bring to the table. I’m really excited to see how I connect to others and their visions of New Brunswick.”

Emily Shapiro is the Women’s Director for the NFU in NB, she co-owns Becaguimec Farm and works as a Programs Manager at the Fallsbrook Centre. “As a young female beginning farmer this experience is extremely important both in terms of having exposure to the brilliant minds of my fellow leaders as well as bringing ideas from rural New Brunswick and the farming sector to the table. Traveling the province with 20 diverse, mindful, and challenging young people, including Rébeka, has enabled me to bring ideas back to my farm and to my community.”

21inc has been recognizing New Brunswick’s young leaders since 2007. Every year 21 selected leaders from the New Brunswick (with others from Nova Scotia and PEI) embark on a 10 month leadership journey including a one week tour around the province, multiple training weekends to help them develop and implement their vision of New Brunswick. Visit for more information.
The NFU in NB is an accredited general farm organization representing farm families in all agricultural commodities. The NFU works toward the development of economic and social policies that will maintain the family farm as the primary food-producing unit. 

Download the PDF: Media Release 21inc EN.FR

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