Meet Stephanie

Meet Stephanie


I’m Stephanie.  My husband and I have farmed in Head of Millstream for over 40 years, first in dairy, then raising dairy heifers, and finally into raising grass fed beef.  I’ve been a strong believer in promoting local food for a long time, and found that the NFU has a lot of policy and interest in food sustainability and local food production.

One of the things I enjoy about being an NFU member is getting policy papers on issues that are important to me.  The papers are clear, well researched and non-polemical.  I am educated by the information on neonicotinoids, or the wheat board, or supply management, and then I take the information out into my wider world and share it with others.

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Provincially, the relationship-building with local farmers has been so important.  I used to feel like I was almost alone in thinking that self-sustaining local food systems were possible.  Smaller farms, ecological farms, are what we do best in New Brunswick; we are not trying to seroquelinfo com for export, but to supply the bio-region with healthy fresh food.  When I met other NFU-NB members, I was happy to learn that there were other farmers and an organization that supported these beliefs.

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