Meet Ted

Meet Ted


I’m Ted, I have been farming in New Brunswick for over 30 years.  Over the years, my farm in Harvey has provided many different bounties from certified organic vegetables, greens, and garlic, to sheep and beef.  As my transition to retirement, I decided to stop the market garden and focus on livestock – however the livestock has continued to expand and I’m hard pressed to say that I’m any closer to having any more free time!

For the past nine years, when I complete my Farm Business Registration Forms (to get a Registered Professional Agricultural Producer number to access discounted Farm License Plates and tax free farm fuel), I simply check off the box to send my Registration fee directly to the National Farmers Union in New Brunswick.

Access the Farm Business Registration Frequently Asked Questions Sheet to learn more.

For me, the discount on my Farm License Plates as well as the discount my regular insurance provider offers for my Farm truck – just for having “F” plates is to reimburse my membership dues.  So the way I see it, since the cost is money I’d be spending anyway to run my farm, it’s almost as if I get my NFU-NB membership for free!

I’m a proud NFU member because the NFU advocates for farmers through lobbying and policy analysis that cuts through the political and corporate rhetoric protecting the status quo.  In addition, the advocacy of the NFU extends beyond farmers to include their rural community neighbours.

Yes!  I want to make sure my membership dollars go to the National Farmers Union in NB.


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